Islamic State’s Abu Waheeb Reportedly Killed By Coalition Drone Strike In Anbar Province



One of the last known images of Abu Waheeb spread on social media.


Abu Waheeb also known as (Shakir Wahib) was reportedly killed alongside M’awanah Qadouri Hamid Faraj & 2 others after being monitored for 3 days by a drone.

For its part, Anbar Operations Command (Haditha District Police, Colonel Farouk al-Jughaifi also confirmed the death.

Private sources report to Beyond The Levant, Mr. Waheeb was invited to a dinner by another military emir in Rutba, where shortly after a drone pounded the home, killing all inside. Mr. Waheebs body parts were retrieved and put inside a basket.

“Abu Wahib was born in 1986 and studied computer science at Anbar University, until he was captured by U.S. forces in 2006. Suspected of being a member of al-Qaida, he was held at Camp Bucca until 2009, where reportedly he became a “hardened terrorist.”

He was sentenced to death and in 2009, transferred to a maximum prison in Tikrit in the Saluddin province. In 2012, ISIS leader al Baghdadi orchestrated a prison breakout and Abu Wahib was one of more than 100 who escaped. He then went to Anbar and led a group of Jihadis known as “Usud al-Anbar.” Al Baghdadi appointed him the ISIS military leader for the province.”


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