Iran Deploys Troop Reinforcements to Kurdistan’s Borders

SARDASHT — Following the confrontations between an Iranian Kurdish opposition force and the Iranian army in Sardasht city earlier this week, the Iranian government has deployed extra troops to the border areas of Kurdistan Region, according to sources from Iranian Kurdistan. website reported that despite sending a huge number of ground troops to the Kurdish areas, Iranian drones are frequently seen over the Kurdish cities of Sanandaj and Saqiz, north east of Iran.


Eye witnesses said that Iran has deployed a good deal of troops near Rabat village and Sardasht city, and they have been frequently shelling the nearby areas in the last few days.


On Wednesday, May 4, clashes erupted between the Kurdish opposition forces and the Iranian army which resulted in the death of 6 Iranian soldiers and the wounding of 20 others, but none of the Iranian Kurdish political parties claimed responsibility for the involvement in the clashes.


Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), however, decided in the celebration of the Kurdish new year in March to resume military activities against Iran, and it has recently stationed its Peshmerga forces on the Iran-KRG border.


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