Interview with Haditha’s Biggest Tribe Al-Jughafya

Beyond The Levant Interview with Al-Jughayfa Tribe. You can follow al-Jughayfa on Twitter @haditha_tribe

“In August 2014, the “Lions of Haditha” locked horns with the Islamic State (ISIS), refusing to obey an order to hand over 200 tribesmen the militants accused of collaborating with the Iraqi gov­ernment.

ISIS declared all of Haditha as “in­fidel” and demanded that its popu­lation of 100,000 repent or its lead­ers would be killed.”

  • When ISIS first overran Mosul in 2014, what was the general feeling among your tribe?

“My tribe felt scared and terrified because we saw many cities got fallen in a blink. we said we will get fucked.”

  • Were you surprised at the declaration of “Caliphate” or was the writing generally on the wall?

We didn’t feel surprised because the Caliphate was their dream and the Iraqi government just made it happen by giving them equipments in billions of dollars by withdrawing all the troops from Mosul Hawijah Tikret Qaam Rawa Anaheim Ramadi Fallujah and many other cities.

  • Do you currently get military support from the US-led coalition or the Iraqi government?

We don’t get any support but simply we’ve only asked them for night vision and they couldn’t bring it. We asked hundreds of times for the Iraqi government to sell us night vision equipment but they’ve refused so they don’t support you and they don’t let you support yourself.

  • If you could send a clear message to Al-Adnani after his threats, what would you tell him?

Our message to Al-Adnani after all is next time when youre threatening someone, use men for that, dont send gays.

  • What do you expect Iraq to look like in ten years?

Iran can give up Lebanon and Yemen but can’t give up Iraq so I can see Iraq in civil war for at least the next 5 years.

  • How can people support your tribe and movement?

We need simple things that will help us in our war on ISIS like night vision and commercial drones which are available on Ebay and we can pay for that. The problem is how to get it to here, nor the Coalition or Iraqi government will let you have it; it’s like having nuclear weapons.

A story was also told. Here it is unedited, in their own words.

“AlJughayfa is a Sunni tribe located on the most west of Anbar city in city called Haditha. our relationship with the terrorism. .. We started fighting AlTawhedWalJihad organization then Ansar AlSunna organization then AlQaeda all that started after 2004 we killed so many from them also they killed many from us but that didn’t effect on us then Ansar AlSunna killed 13 American soldiers and after while the US troops got to our city in 2005 and we started our partnership with US troops to trace and capture most the leaders of AlQaeda and the other organizations one of the is Abu Omar AlBaghdadi AlQaeda leader he is from Haditha we tracked him and killed him . we conducted many operations between the US forces and our tribes to breach many headquarters in the desert our blood mixed with the American blood we fought together against the terrorists Then the US pulled all the troops out from Iraq late 2011 now I am gonna talk about our relationship with Iraqi Government after the Americans left my country.

When the Americans gave all the prisoners from the terrorists to Iraqi government first think they did AlMaliki is starting releasing them one by one 10 by 10 until they released all the terrorists. Then the Iraqi Government started looking after AlJughayfa leaders who participated in war against AlQaeda accusing them supporting terrorist. main while all the terrorists we know they got back bombing in our city so we started killing them rather than giving them to government because we noticed every time we capture one terrorist and send him to Baghdad the Baghdad authority all do took money and release him so we started to kill them for that reason the Government started chasing our leaders for that but we didn’t not give up now we reached a point when a signs of isis is coming.

The conflict started in Ramadi and Falujah so we decided to kill all AlQaeda members before they start their fight in the city so we killed in 3 weeks more than 30 in the last week before Musol fallen we killed 11 all of them leaders from Buhayat village then Musol got fall and the iraqi army tried to escape but we told them if you wanna escape leave your weapons and vehicles for us but they refused to give everything so they got back to Dam at this time JBOC AlJazera And Badya division came after they escaped from Anah city they were heading to AlAsad so we stopped them and we did the same thing we did before we told them we want your weapons and vehicles and you can leave but they decided to stay at the dam and fight with us at this time isis took Qaam Rawa Anah and he reached Haditha he took AlKesfa village it’s AlJughayfa main village now I am gonna talk about the beginning of isis with you.

they attacked Haditha shooting mortars from AlKesfah village but the attack failed they thought we going to leave the city for that but once they saw that we determined to fight they starting making phone calls talking with our Sheks and leaders asking us to let them get to the city we divided here into 3 groups one has nothing to do just kept shut the second says we should fight and the third said let’s give them the city half Iraqi cities got fallen it’s stupid to fight and organization like that. then the only group who said we will fight won another battle against isis after that isis called again but now he said I have 50 names I need to take them and I will leave the city for you we told them fuck off it was the same names that the Iraqi Government was looking after we killed AlQaeda members anyway we starting buying weapons ammo vehicles we shift everything against isis we build defenses positions and starting fighting them Now I am going to talk to point when the Americans came to AlAsad.

After the Americans came to AlAsad we went to them and set with them and the first thing we did is asking them to come to Haditha because that will add more security around haditha and second thing we ask is to take AlKesfah village back because it’s AlJughayfa only village we have . they agreed but they said we have to train you guys we need 150 AlJughayfa members 50 each time for me I was with the first 50 took a forward observer training to help the pilots to bomb isis and identify the friendly forces and we succeeded we made so many victories on isis with f18 and mirage, the French jet we kept fighting hoping to get a support from coalition but in every time we getting only promises and we know who preventing them from arming us it’s the Iraqi Government because they know we are stronger than the Iraqi army also they don’t trust us because we are Sunni . now I am going to tell you something very sensitive information not in the news ever but I will tell you what is it.

you remember wanted list for the Iraqi Government and it is the same list for isis now currently the Iraqi government issued wanted list with 48 all of AlJughayfa leaders accusing them supporting isis it’s the same list for isis how come that our leaders fighting isis and got accused for being isis it’s Iran after that and Islamic Party after that we didn’t got any support not by the coalition or by Iraqi Government in order to bring food we have to pay bribe for the IA officers in order to let them pass this officers top of them Ali Damon he made millions Dollars from running this business in a participate with high ranks officers from Iraqi MOD and the coalition knows that I cave them many evidence but I don’t know what wrong with them.”



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