Report: Ayatollah Sistani Demanded Ayatollah Khameini Limit Qassem Soleimani’s Role In Iraq

Political sources in Baghdad revealed to the newspaper “Middle East” Shiite cleric Ali al – Sistani asked the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, to reduce the influence of the Qods Force commander, Qassem Soleimani, in Iraq.

According to the source, al-Sistani, after the emergence of the role of Soleimani in the liberation of the city of Tikrit , “inquired to Khamenei on the growing influence of Soleimani in Iraq, which began to embarrass the religious authority, and to see whether this was done under the guidance of Khamenei.” He pointed to a recent argument between Haidar al-Abadi and Soleimani in a meeting recently in which Soleimani is rumored to have left the room scathing after challenging Abadi’s power.

The source revealed that Najaf began to realize that “Solemani needed to begin to withdraw his role, which could be pointing to the beginning of clear disagreement between them and the Iranian rulers in Qom.”


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