Fallujah Shield Brigade: 500 Tribal Fighters Graduate Training

The leadership of the Popular Crowd in Anbar province, on Tuesday, reported the direct training of the first batch of fighters from clans of Fallujah, which has 500 fighters, noting that the coming period will witness a training of the rest of the tribal fighters as well as equipping and arming them to be deployed in front line scenarios.

This information is according to the commander “Fallujah Shield” regiment in the crowd, Col. Abdul Hadi al-Alwan,” a leader at Anbar Academy at camp Habbaniyah, east of Ramadi. He reports to Beyond The Levant they started to train the first batch of fighters, which includes 500 fighters from Fallujah residents to liberate their areas from gangs of  Daash terrorists.

Alwan added  the next few days will witness the training of a number of other tribal fighters to be deployed in Nasaf, thenorth centered in Saqlawiyah, Amiriyat al-Fallujah to the south, and complete the preparation of the Falluja Brigade Shield ,which includes five regiments of combat troops.


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