US Soldiers clash with Islamic State at Anbar Base?


According to Iraqi sources,  Beyond The Levant can report the US military directly intervened against an Islamic State attack on Ain al-Asad Air Base in Anbar province where hundreds of American troops are stationed. Multiple different reports have surfaced, making this battle a bit murky to confirm.

“Nine suicide bombers of IS were able to infiltrate the base <Ein al-Assad> in Western Anbar, the Iraqi army clashed with IS which lead US forces to intervene to support the Iraqi’s.”

A source in the Iraqi army reported the Iraqi forces with the support of US troops were able to repel the attack and killed eight suicide bombers, while an Iraqi Lieutenant Pilot was killed, two soldiers wounded and six other soldiers with varying injuries.

Colonel Steve Warren has sent me a statement in which he says “no foreigners” were involved in the combat.

Official Islamic State statement:




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