Iraqi Woman Hides Son Underground For 37 Days To Avoid IS Recruitment


Uday Alkhaddran, a leader of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) has revealed an Iraqi woman hid her son underground for 37 days to avoid him being recruited by Islamic State militants.

According to Uday, the woman hide her son north of Tikrit, in order to prevent him turning into a “human bomb,” pointing out that the organization “Daash” has been kidnapping dozens of children and young boys, “taking them to the prisons to turn them into suicide bombers.”

The story was revealed by the mother after the PMU and Iraqi army liberated four villages in northern Salahuddin.

Alkhaddran added, that “one of the women hid her son, aged 9 years in a hole beneath the ground near her home for 37 days to prevent kidnapped by al Daash and transported to camps to recruit suicide bombers near Mosul.”


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