Iraq to Build Wall Around Karbala



Multiple outlets have reported that the Iraqi government is currently planning to build a wall around the Holy Shia city of Karbala in order to protect it from Islamic State militants infiltrating from neighboring Anbar province. They fear IS could swing through the desert undetected to launch an attack on Karbala and all of its Holy shrines.

“Earthmovers dig trenches and pile rock onto makeshift barriers around the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in a project Sunni political leaders describe as a wall to surround the city.”

Karbala has been subjected to random mortar attacks which have recently threatened city center itself.

“The deputy governor of Karbala province, Jassem Fetlawi, told Saudi-owned al-Hayat newspaper that local authorities have “begun digging a 40 kilometer trench along administrative boundaries with (nearby) Anbar province to prevent terrorists from entering (Karbala).”

Iraqi officials say the wall around Karbala will cost $13 million.  Security cameras and observation towers are to be built into the barrier.


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