Iran Mobilizing Iraq Militias To Enter Syria After Russian Withdrawal


IRAN-SYRIA-RUSSIA-FLAGS(1)A fresh report by Omar al-Janabi of G.O. has claimed Iran’s Revolutionary Guards summoned Iraqi government officials to discuss the “Russian withdrawal from Syria, and its impact on the Iranian influence in the region.”

The official, asking not to be identified, in an exclusive interview with the correspondent explained; “The leaders of the Iranian Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard, issued a directive to militias in Iraq by sending fighters to Syria; and to strengthen the Iranian presence in the Syrian territories and finally; fill the vacuum created by the Russian withdrawal.”

He explained that “a meeting of the leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the leaders of militias, each of the League of the Righteous (AAH,) and the Badr Organization, Abu al Fadl al Abbas, Hezbollah and Harakat Nujaba, in addition to a number of small militia leaders, which was formed after Mosul fell to the Islamic State, which included the issuance of new directives, sending more militiamen to Syria to defend the Syrian regime, which will be in a position of concern after the Russian withdrawal.”

He pointed out that “militias loyal to Iran’s leaders promised to equip hundreds of fighters to be sent to Syria within a period not exceeding a month, on long after military exercises in the form of courses.”

According to leaks from the meeting, “some affiliated factions under the umbrella of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) refused to send their fighters to Syria to protect the Syrian regime, amid talked of a conspiracy hatched against them,” according to the same official.


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