From Ash Shaddadi to Ramadi: Omar al-Shishani’s Body ‘Found’ in Anbar Province

It seems the immortal story of Omar al-Shishani has a new twist. Today, an Iraqi Army commander has claimed, in a statement circulating obtained by Beyond The Levant:

“On Sunday Iraqi forces discovered the dead body of top ISIS commander Omar al-Shishani amid the cleaning of Ramadi’s eastern area of Albu Obaid .”

“A unit of Iraqi army in the Albu Obaid area east of Ramadi found 10 dead bodies of ISIS militants,” said Ismail al-Mahlawi the commander of Iraqi army in Anbar province. “One of the bodies was the senior ISIS commander Omar al-Shishani.”

Could Mr. Shishani be some type of jihadi-zombie, created by the Islamic State’s mad scientist, who was able to walk his decaying corpse 241 miles to Ramadi? Highly doubtful. Death rumors are often circulated to pick up chatter in their communications network. The myth of Omar al-Shishani may never end.

It is worth noting Islamic State mouthpiece A’maq has claimed Shishani was never killed or wounded in any air strike in Iraq or Syria.


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