al-Qaeda branch offers negotiations with Western oil companies in Algeria

In an issued statement obtained by Beyond The Levant, AQIM (al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb) has initiated the idea of Western oil companies negotiating in which AQIM offers safety to company employees in which companies must, in return, “preserve the dignity and the interests of Muslims.”

The terrorist organization said it had asked BP and Statoil to evacuate Khrechba site, hours before the start of the attack. AQIM has advanced have fired two ground-ground rocket 130 mm as a warning before trigger, an hour later, his attack by launching 10 rockets. He also claimed, according to Al Akhbar , he would not use “big ways” to “do no harm to the interests of Muslims.”

The Department of National Defence said yesterday that the terrorist group fired two artisanal manufacturing shells fell near the checkpoint of the gas Khrecheba site, operated by Sonatrach in association with Bp and Statoil .


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