Saudi Arabian commandos kill woman during raid to capture wanted man| Reuters

Saudi commandos have killed a woman allegedly armed with a machine gun in the Kingdom’s northern point of al-Jawf during a raid to kill or capture men loyal to the Islamic State which have targeted Shiite mosques and struck against the Saudi security apparatus trying to keep up with the daily threat of potential attacks from men aligned with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Caliphate.

As the war continues on multiple fronts, the Islamic State will be pushed back into their Anbar origin points; potentially threatening Saudi Arabia’s sandy borders. Attacks are periodically launched from the Caliphate’s desert nucleus spanning across Syria and Iraq.

The agency quoted the interior ministry as saying that the man, identified as Sweilem al-Ruwaili, had been hiding at one of his comrades from the “deviant group” in the northern al-Jawf region when he was captured in the raid on Thursday. Saudi Arabia uses the term deviant group to refer to Islamist militants from al Qaeda or Islamic State.


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