Iraq: “Zarqawi of Hamrin” killed near Baquba

Diyala province police chief Maj . Gen. Jassim al – Saadi, on Friday, reported Iraqi Special Forces killed one of the main Islamic State leaders northeast of Baquba, while a security source pointed out the man was nicknamed “Zarqawi of Hamrin.”

Saadi in an interview with “Alsumaria News” claimed the security forces killed a prominent Islamic State leader or Emir, known as Abu Hammam in Akbai district, (68 km north east of Baquba) while clashing with militants attacking a power station.

He was a senior leader of al – Qaeda in Iraq between 2006-2007 in the district of Balad Ruz (30 km east of Baquba) before his disappearance and the subsequent emergence of his name again within the Hamrin Basin after June 2014 saw IS rise to fame.

The source , who asked not to be named, said: “Abu Hammam is responsible for three massacres as well as direct responsibility for targeting the electricity towers over the past months in the Hamrin Basin.


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