SOHR: al-Shishani alive; transferred to Raqqa

Local sources denied, on Thursday, US reports on the killing of the leader of the “Islamic State” (Daash) Abu Omar al-Shishani (The Chechen) in a US raid earlier this month, stressing that the latter is not dead, but mortally wounded.

“The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,” said that the Chechen “is not dead, but he is seriously injured and transferred to the base of operations of the Islamic State in Raqqa province for treatment.”

US officials said on Tuesday, a senior leader of the organization “Islamic State” Abu Omar Chechen  was”probably” killed in a raid by the international coalition on March 4th near the Syrian town of Shaddadi in Hasaka.

The US official said the air strike included several sorties by aircraft and drones and targeted Shishani near the town of Shaddadi in Syria.


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