Iraqi security official: Iran is turning a town near the border with Saudi Arabia to a military base


Iraqi security source told “Middle East” that Iranian Revolutionary Guards have turned the Iraqi border town of Nukhayib, adjacent to the border with Saudi Arabia into what amounts to a military base.

The IRGC have been training with Kata’ib Hezbollah, a Shia militia.

The source, an Iraqi officer holding the rank of Colonel in the army says that the Iraqi Army can not enter the area without coordination with the armed militias loyal to Tehran.

When asked about Tehran’s control of the town, the source said it was through the Badr corps and the evacuation of the towns original inhabitants.

He added that the town has become for the time being, completely devoid of inhabitants and Iraqi forces loyal to Baghdad and Abadi.

He added: “While dominated by shia miltias, there are Sunni Arabs and Shias from Iran living their under the pretext of protecting Karbala from IS.”


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