Remains of soldiers from Iran-Iraq war exchanged at Basra port


Basra Management Center announced on Monday, an exchange between Iraq and Iran at Shalamcheh border port for the remains of 94 Iraqi and Iranian military soldiers whom were found in the border areas over the past few weeks.

Iraq received the remains of 26 Iraqi military servicemen, while Iran received the remains of 68 men. The bodies of Iranians were found during the past few weeks in the Umm al-Rasas Island and near the Majnoon oil field in the Basra area of Maysan province. The remains of the Iraqi military had been found by Iranian research teams in a nearby border area of Iraqi territory.

The exchange took place in accordance with a special ceremony where the Iranian military forces participated on the Iranian side of the border crossing, and Iraqi forces on the Iraqi side of the port with the presence of representatives of the ICRC.

The Shalamcheh border port between Iraq and Iran to the east of the province of Basra witnessed in 1996 a first exchange of military  remains from the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), and since then until now there has been more than 40 exchanges through the port, half of which carried out after 2003.



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