Shi’ite Militia In Iraq Threatens Rocket Fire On U.S. Embassy In Baghdad


As Joshua Landis has tweeted today, “In response to Kerry’s demand Hizb & Shi’ite Iraqi militias leave Syria or be targeted, Iraqi militias threaten to hit US embassy with missiles.”

Many factors come into play here.

Will the US strike these militias in Syria? Do they view them as terrorist groups? What is the difference between foreign fighters from IS/AQ and foreign fighters with these militias backed by and sponsored by the Iranian regime and Bashar al-Assad? How would Iran respond? How would Russia respond?

A few US air strikes on Alasaib Ahl al Haq or Kata’ib Hezbollah in Syria could trickle violence back on American interests in Iraq, intensifying the proxy war with Iran.

Writing a full update, check back later.



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