Fallujah’s Derna moment?


Mayor of Fallujah, Isa Al-Sayer, on Saturday has reported the outbreak of clashes in the military district of Fallujah, while noting that local clans (mostly disenfranchised young men) deployed snipers on top of buildings in the immediate area.

As Washington Post’s Loveday Morris wrote on the 19th, Islamic State faces new trouble in Fallujah as Sunni tribesmen revolt  which also reports the young men of the troubled city have been irritated with the iron fist rule of the Islamic State, in particularly little to no food due to the siege and the Hisbah (IS Religious Enforcers) which has led to increasing tensions and now full blown armed violence.

Sayer added a large number of tribal fighters who carry weapons and snipers are deployed over high-rise buildings in order to repel any surprise attack by IS.

Sayer also revealed Anbar Provincial Council’s plan to carry out “military action against IS” from within the district of Fallujah. We could be seeing the beginning of just that.

To beat Islamic State locally, you need guns, and in Fallujah, there are plenty of guns.

Looking more and more similar to the events of Derna, Libya, where al-Qaeda loyalists booted the Islamic State from the coastal city last year after the local population became outraged over brutal executions of beloved local citizens. Since Fallujah is the center of IS’s Sunni heartland, it will certainly be interesting to see how Caliph treats those who have rebelled against his rule. As he once stated in an audio recording to his followers; to treat all Sunni’s well, even if they’ve done you harm.


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