Iraq: IS leader “Abu Daham” captured in Diyala


A security source said forces of the Diyala police arrested prominent Islamic State operative “Abu Daham” after an ambush in the western side of Saadia, northeast of Baquba, in the Hamrin Mountains area, located near the Iranian border.

The Hamrin Mountains is home to pockets of heavily armed Islamic State militants looking to break out and expand, quite possibly into Iranian territory itself. Iran has provided military and logistic support to loyal militias such as Sayara al-Khorasani, a group that does not shy away from expressing support to Khameini, Soleimani, and the Iranian movement to tighten its grip on what was Iraq. The Iranian air force crosses the border to launch air strikes with F-4 Phantoms and attack helicopters located at nearby bases. Coordinates are usually called in from elite IRGC commandos on the front-lines.

Daham has been known for quite some time to local authorities, charged with terrorist crimes against innocent people in Jalawla and Saadia during the explosive events of June 2014.


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