IS recieves large shipment of weapons by boat in Sirte: sources


Libyan news outlets and other sources are currently reporting the arrival of weapons to the Islamic State in the Libyan city of Sirte, noting that “the shipment of weapons arrived through the port of Sirte offshore last night, by inflatable boats of large size.”

As the boats arrived, the sources added that numerous vehicles packed with Islamic State militants entered the port to stock the weapons for transfer into the city itself.  Reports also indicate air strikes were launched Monday in the vicinity of the port, making it likely Libyan or other forces are aware of these types of shipments.

In other related news, over 250 IS militants are reported to be holed up in a defensive position in Fattaih, east towards the city of Derna. The 400 District has seen sporadic clashes between Shura Council of Derna and IS as I’ve reported earlier. The militants barricaded themselves inside residential neighborhoods that are difficult to target.


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