Saudi border guard killed in bombardment from Yemen


As inter and cross-border violence keeps escalating, both sides of the Kingdom’s frontiers have been destabilized in some fashion. Islamic State militants often lob mortars and carry out suicide attacks on Saudi border posts near Anbar province. Mostly from the sand in Ar’ar and other immediate areas. The Sunni and Shia war ravaged northern and southern political mafiaso gang infested borders continue to cause headaches for Riyadh, but they could potentially get much worse, much sooner if a Syrian intervention is launched. No reason to believe Saudi Arabia would launch an invasion into the hornets nest called Ash-Sham.

The levant is on fire and anything should be expected. Houthi invasion into Saudi Arabia, Followers of al-Baghdadi marching into the Kingdom. These are things, and more that we could potentially see by the year 2020.

In-fact, Islamic State circulated documents and manuals point to loyalist sleeper cells inside Saudi Arabia waiting for the signal from Calip Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi around the year 2019. This does not seem out of the realm of possibility given the amount of Wahabbi Sunni’s passionate to the concept of Jihad.

Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah website also reported that Yemeni snipers on Sunday slew five Saudi soldiers in Yemen’s Midi region, located in the northwestern province of Hajjah, near the border with the kingdom’s southwestern Jizan province.


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